Talks and Tribble-ations

Talks and Tribble-ations

by T'Len

Series. DS9
Pairing: B/O'B, B/O'B/Tribble
Code: NC-17
Note: The 8th story in the AG-Universe, the second in the DS9 storyline, sequel to "A Triple with Tribble" (KSS), prequel to "Destiny's Irony" (FFF) and "A second Chance"
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Summary: Miles is jealous of Kirk, they have to talk, but play with a Tribble instead

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Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fan fiction.

If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language and I hadn't time to ask someone for beta, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the quick beta.

Talks and Tribble-ations

Julian wished his cabin had one of those old-fashioned doors he could slam shut in front of Miles' nose. As this wasn't the case, he had no other choice - once the door slid open - to let the Chief in. "What do you want? he asked brusquely. "I don't want to see you."

Miles nevertheless stepped in. "It's over a week since we have seen each other privately. Don't you think you've been upset with me for long enough?"

He tried to embrace Julian but the doctor pulled away. "Hey, come on, I want you. I'm horny as hell," Miles protested.

Now he'd done it. "That's the only thing you can think of, isn't it? If you need to fuck an ass you come to me, but if I need you, you let me down," Bashir shouted.

Frustrated O'Brien hit the table. "Damn Julian, not this again. I'm tired of your reproaches."

"Because you can't hear the truth. I'm only a sex plaything for you and I'm not willing to be any longer."

"That's not true. I love you, Julian. But I love my kids as well. And I can't risk loosing them. I see Keiko only as a good friend, not as my lover - like you."

"But you still fuck her, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten a second child."

"So you're upset with me because I wanted to have a son?"

I reproach you because you are not open with me in our relationship. I'm tired of waiting until you can spare some time for me. You can't have everything. You need to make a decision. If you can't decide, you will loose everything someday.

Miles wondered for a brief moment why this sounded so familiar. And it wasn 't Julian's voice he "heard" in his head. "I've already heard this a week ago," he said finally.

"From whom?" Bashir asked.

"The legendary Captain Kirk told me, as he left the station."

"So you've met him, too?"

"Only briefly at the transporter-room. I was surprised that he spoke those words to me. It seemed like..." He hesitated as he thought it over, and then continued, ".as if he knew about us."

Julian nodded. "He was with me the evening you canceled our appointment because of your wife. He overheard our conversation and later offered me some comfort." A smile crossed Julian's face as he remembered the night with the famous James T. Kirk. The man who was a legend in the whole Federation, and by a lot of it's enemies, too. The man whose adventures Julian had adored as a teenager. A man he had never dreamed of meeting in reality. The man who had defeated death once more and come back to life after nearly a century missing in this mystical Nexus. Kirk was, in every way, a fascinating person - and a great lover, as he had the luck to discover on this night.

Something in the way Julian voiced the words set off alarm-bells in Miles' head. "What do you mean by comfort?" he inquired.

"I don't owe you an answer," Julian said, but some wish of hurting O'Brien, like he so often felt hurt about Miles' behavior made him say, "I've slept with him."

Miles grasped Julian's arm with fury. "You fucked him?"

Bashir smiled ironically. "No, he fucked me."

Now Miles last bit of self-control was gone. "You've let him have your ass? How dare you?"

Again Julian pulled away. "You don't own me!" he shouted. "I can do what I want and with whom I want. And you had canceled our appointment that night, not I."

"And that's why you slept with the first person that crossed your path?"

"Oh come on, now you're being unfair. Have you never dreamed of meeting such a legend as him? I felt lonely and sad and he was helpful."

Miles lowered his eyes. "You're right - I don't have any rights on you. But it hurts to think of you and another..." He sighed with resignation. "I wish we could make our love official, but you know I can't."

Carefully he stepped closer. "Please don't push me away, Julian. I need you and I promise, when the kids are older, we will find a way to be together. But for the moment, I just can't risk anything. Please understand. Some day."

"And what is if this day never appears?" Julian whispered. As he didn't retreat again, Miles embraced him. "Don't think about that," he whispered. "Let's enjoy our time together and not worrying about tomorrow."

He pressed closer. "I still want you." To Julian's surprise he could feel that Miles cock was still, or again, erect ... despite their discussion. Miles obviously could become horny from anything. One of the reasons he usually enjoyed being together with him. But with every day they continued to secretly see each other he wanted more then just plain sex.

The Chief rubbed his still trapped cock against him. "Let me take you right here against the wall. And I'll show you that I'm better then him." His hands traveled down Julian's body, stroking over his groin, then reaching for the fly. "Oh baby, I'm so horny." He bit tenderly in Julian's ear, then nipped down a tempting neck.

Bashir knew he should stop it now. But as so often happened after an argument between them, he came down a peg. Although he really was upset with Miles about certain points in their relationship he loved the Chief way too much to ever terminate their relationship. And their reconciliation was always very "fascinating". This time would be no exception.

"Ahh!" Julian moaned as Miles freed his cock and milked it tenderly. The chief braced him against the next wall. I'll be right back," he said and hurried for the bathroom.

Soon he had returned with a tube of lubricant in his hand. Eagerly Miles pushed his own pants down and lubricated himself and his lover.

He didn't waste any time with foreplay, just pushed his organ hurriedly in, an "Oh yes!" on his lips. He thrust deep and hard, didn't spare any thought about his lover. He just needed it - now and badly. It had definitely been too long. And as relief came he cried out in triumph.


"I'm sorry," Miles whispered as he finally found his way back to reality. He retreated from his lover and knelt down before Julian. Bashir hadn't come yet; in fact his penis was only half erect. O'Brien leaned forward and opened his mouth but was pushed back.

"Let's go to bed," Julian said. "I wish to show you something".

On the way to the sleeping area he picked up his Tribble from its place on the couch.

"What do you want with your pet?" Miles asked surprised.

His answer was a smile and "You'll see it soon:"


"Oh God." Miles moaned with pleasure the Tribble was stroked once more along the sensitive inner thighs, then around newly erect cock. He gasped: "This is so good ... how did you know...? Did he.?"

Julian nodded. "Yes." He saw the disappointment in his lover's eyes and bent down for a fierce kiss. "Don't be jealous. Enjoy!" With this he pressed the vibrating Tribble against Miles' balls, causing him to cry out in sheer ecstasy.

Sensing that Miles would come too soon if he continued this, and himself now fully erect as well, he stole another passionate kiss. As he backed away, he whispered: "Turn around on your knees. It's my turn now."

Miles obliged instantly. Julian bent over his back and started to stroke the Tribble over the chest, to tease two hard nipples with it and then to proceed further down to the rock-hard shaft. He could feel that the vibrations and purrs the little furball was emitting were incredibly arousing for his lover, like they had been for him a week ago. The memory aroused him even further. He could feel his hard cock crying for attention.

Julian let the Tribble fall to the sheets. He couldn't wait any longer and reached for the lubricant.

He quickly pressed a generous amount on his fingers. He bent over the upraised ass once more and inserted first one, then a second and a third finger into the tight opening. As Miles pushed eagerly back on the intruders, he took the Tribble in his other hand and stroked it once more over erect nipples and a hard shaft.

Then fingers were pulled out, the Tribble once more deposited on the sheets as he hurriedly prepared himself now. Then he positioned himself.

Julian spread the cheeks apart and entered the tempting hole slowly. Miles, eager to get fucked, pushed immediately back on the welcome intruder. As his lover was completely into the soft channel the Tribble was once again used to stroke over chest and cock, nipples and balls.

As he started to pull out and plunge in again and again Miles' groans of pleasure increased more and more. "Yes, yes, I love it," was the heavily breathed answer.

Julian increased the speed of his withdrawals and thrusts. His Tribble-strokes, too, increased. And it seemed that the vibrations and purrs of the furball also became stronger and louder with the time.

Julian moaned. It felt so good to fuck Miles. He didn't often get the chance. Usually his friend was the more active partner: O'Brien moaned "Oh baby. More, harder, faster. Give me all."

Julian frowned for a moment, then let the Tribble fall down. The protesting sound of the little furball about this sudden ignorance was unregistered. He gripped Miles' hips with both hands and started to thrust harder and harder into the cute little ass, hitting the prostate gland with every new stroke.

Soon the other couldn't take it any longer and cried out: "I'm coming ... oh God, I'm coming ... Julian!" His seed splashed on the Tribble under him.

The convulsions of the anal muscles that came along with Miles' orgasm were enough to send Julian over the edge, too. With one final thrust he pushed himself as deep inside as possible. Then his seed filled the tight channel.


"What are you doing?" Julian watched Miles as he climbed out the bed, his voice still slightly shaken from the reverberation of the shattering orgasm. "Please stay for the night."

The regret was clearly audible as O'Brien answered "I'm sorry, but Keiko is waiting with dinner for me."