Recently on the message board

Recently on the message board

by T'Len (2002)

Series. TOS
Code: PG-13, Humor
Archive: sure

Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, and no copyright infringement is intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.

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1 Discovered by T'Len, 2002

Scientist is looking for a subject for the purpose of research regarding human sexuality. Preferable characteristics: male, muscular, dark-blond hair, hazelnut eyes, muscular, Job: captain. Contact code: Vulcan

Hobby-botanist is looking for a willing plant. Purpose: Sinking my stem into it. Contact code: Orchid

Collector is looking for technical instruments of all kinds. Models with big holes preferable.Contact code: Bairnes.

Don't emotions exist any longer? Female romantic is looking, after a great disappointment, for a new love. Can cook very well (also exotic taste). Contact code: Plomeek

Who is beaming with me in the seventh heaven? Of course, an earthbound number is also always of interest. Contact code: Transport

Looking for nice company which can listen goodly. Gender doesn't matter. I want to show and tell you, what we all have invented. Contact code: Gorki

Sexy Captain, dark-blond, muscular, cuddle-teddy-type is looking for a male "hot-water-bottle", preferably exotic, dark type. Pointed ears necessary. Contact code: Big T.

Feel lonely. Looking urgently for company. My hailing-frequencies are wide open. Contact code: Black Lady

Doctor is looking for a willing patient for home-visits. Gender doesn't matter. Bed necessary. Everything else I will bring along. Contact code: Doc

Blond secretary is looking for a new job. I can type and cook coffee. Payment doesn't matter, but no gays please. Contact code: mini-skirt

Medicine man with special interest in exotic medicine is looking for someone for an exchange of thoughts and experiences. Preferable male and colleague. Contact code: Voodoo