Look who's talking

Look who's talking

by T'Len

Series. TOS
Pairing: K/S imp.
Code: R, humor
Archive: Trekiverse, BOBW, WWOMB, Heart Attack, BLTS, Marianne, GSSU, others just ask
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Summary: You've to figure out whose POV this is.

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Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.

If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. T'Boy did a really great job to correct my errors, not to mention all the suggestions she gave. My greatest gratitude to her. For all remaining errors, blame me.

Look who's talking

Hi folks!

I think it's time that I tell you my point of view about certain things. I have to correct a few misconceptions. A lot of people envy me and think that I have the best job in the whole universe 'cause I'm as near to Captain Kirk as they'd like to be. But believe me, it isn't easy. The guy can be very straining.

And my job isn't too great either. Or maybe you'd like to hang around uselessly the whole day? Trapped in such tightness. And during the night work really hard, and to order. Sometimes repeatedly! And if you show no interest in doing your job then panic appears.

Believe me I haven't got it easy with my owner. If I develop some initiative during the day 'cause it's just too boring for me, I always hear, "Not now" or "This isn't the right moment". And he suppresses me again.

And then these tight Starfleet uniforms. I would like to catch the guy who created them. They are so uncomfortable. It's terrible to sit the whole day squeezed inside them in the command chair. You don't feel your blood circulating any more. And the fabric doesn't feel nice on your skin either.

And the pants are not practical. I always go with my owner to strange planets. If it's an icy one I freeze. If it's a hot one I sweat. And then the polyester fabric itches like hell 'cause the guy never wears any underwear. Terrible! I get every bad experience first hand.

And he continually indulges in senseless fights. I really don't have it easy. Several kicks ago I thought I would die right away and never stand up again. On the other hand, hanging quietly around the bridge for days is not very interesting.

The special "close combats" of my owner haven't been easy either. What I've seen - I could write books. Sometimes it was a true mystery and I didn't know if I was into the right place. I mean, I'm not an exo-biologist.

Thanks god those "wild" times are over since my owner got together with Spock. Bonded they both call it. Spock is a nice guy. I really like him. Besides a Vulcan is really useful.

He feels so nice and warm when I'm tired and snuggle close to him. But honestly, I'm seldom tired when he is with us. I already said that my working time usually starts in the evening. And then it continues the whole night. One should create a union and fight against it. I, too, have the right for a healthy sleep at night. Don't you think so?

But I shouldn't complain. With Spock the job is made really fun. I like to play with my Vulcan colleague. At first I was a little bit jealous of him 'cause he is bigger and stronger than I. And he looks good with his green color. But now we are good pals.

Spock himself is really kind to me. All those wonderful things he does to me! His hands for example feel so good. He's so tender and gentle. I can't help myself from stretching out to him.

And his mouth! It's an incredible feeling when he kisses and licks me or takes me in completely. So warm and comfortable. Then I just must become extra large and big. I'm only sorry that my owner hasn't that much self-control. He's always finished too quickly. My colleague has in this instance the better boss.

And then there is my favorite job, to go completely into Spock's ass. I can honestly say, that's heaven. So tight and stimulating, I can hardly describe it. I would like to stay there for the rest of my life. But as I' ve already said my human is somewhat impatient.

Besides my Vulcan colleague also wishes to have his turn and enter my owner from time to time. So I can do nothing but wait for the next opportunity. Thankfully I never have too wait to long. I really can't complain about too little work.

When I think it over now, I come to the conclusion that I can be lucky with my boss. He was and is always kind to me. With his hands especially I had a wonderful relationship, although I don't see them much since he got together with Spock.

I would like to stretch myself right now. All these thoughts about Spock have made me entirely jumpy.

Oh, I say my owner is standing up from his command chair. This shift seems to be over. It was nice to talk with you, but would you please excuse me now? I think I will get work to do soon.