by callisto24

Fandom: 24
Genre:f/f slash
Charactere: Martha, Evelyn
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 123
Archivieren: Immer gerne, es sei denn, es wären zu viele Fehler drin!

Martha walked down the dark path, only the moonlight threw silver
stripes across the huge trees, lightened the large garden behind the
manor, where the president and his wife stayed during summer
Her steps became faster, when a strange sensation hit her. She
stopped and looked around, her heart pounding in her chest.
How stupid she had to be, to wander alone through the night, without
an aim, without any company, without hope, that things might become
better one day.
Suddenly a hand reached out for her, tender fingers gripped her own,
took her body in slow motion into a tight embrace.
The familiar perfume filled the air, and Martha got lost in the sweet
sensation of Evelyns touch, her secret love.